Miles Away

Instrumental Dreamdance and Chillout Music

Miles Away - the 2nd Studio Album by Markus Pitzer

Here you get music from the 90s - Instrumental Dreamdance and Chillout.
Miles Away, Dreamdance Synthpop

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Miles Away

Miles Away is my 2nd studio album and was recorded in 1996 in the recording studio of "Johann Hartel" in Vienna and released by the label "Cactus Records".

On this CD are mainly rhythmic, soulful chillout tracks as well as faster Dreamdance songs like z.b. (She is a Model or Eye Vision). The instrumental songs are often moody moods with floating, spherical surface sounds that take you into a world of fantasy.

The songs to this album


    Notes: To keep the loading time as low as possible, the instrumental songs that you can listen to on my web pages are shortened and downscaled with a bitrate of 96 kbps. If you buy the songs you will get the tracks of course, in full length and best quality. Downloads as MP3 with 44.1 khz / 320 kbps.

    All songs composed by: Markus Pitzer


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