Royalty free music licenses

Instrumental music for private and commercial projects and media

Royalty-free music licenses for films, videos and projects

My instrumental music is great as background music for events as well as background music for various projects such as: YouTube videos, documentaries, nature videos, meditations, podcasts, websites, phone holding music, sales & exhibition stands, PowerPoint presentations, as a soundtrack in computer games, Film music etc .. You do not have to pay any GEMA, AKM, SUISA etc. fees.

Best of Dreamweaver Album

Best of Dreamweaver, 70 Instrumental Electronica Tracks

70 instrumental songs form an extensive music archive for your projects. This audio CD box offers you 70 instrumental tracks on four CDs from the genres of chillout, film music, electronic, EDM, IDM, ambient, new age, world music, lounge, electronica, ...

Licenses and prices

If you are interested or if you have any questions about my licenses and prices send a message to!

My licenses apply per customer and purchase one of my audio CDs or music packs. There are both private and commercial licenses. The license is personal or company-bound and non-transferable. By purchasing a license, you are allowed to use the songs from the purchased album as background music in your projects for unrestricted use worldwide (excluding advertising for TV, radio, cinema). The songs may be used in several projects related to the buyer. Duplication of titles or parts thereof for the purpose of single resale or new licensing in both existing and modified form is prohibited to the licensee. The copyrights remain with Markus Pitzer.

Songs for Free

You can use songs on my site Free Song Downloads for your private projects free of charge if you write a note in your project such as: "Music by Markus Pitzer" and my url to the homepage (! You may also use my music for your YouTube videos. For YouTube videos, include the notes in the credits of the video and in the text description with links to my website ( Here is a YouTube-Example!

Youtube channel by Markus Pitzer

On YouTube you will find a lot of videos with background music composed by Markus the Dreamweaver. Visit my YouTube channel!


I would appreciate it if you like my music and use it as background music in your projects, videos or websites, or just enjoy my instrumental music. Continue!