Markus Pitzer Dreamweaver

I offer high-quality royalty-free instrumental music for your projects, videos and films! Music for private & commercial use.

Recording Studio in Schladming

Composition of high-quality instrumental music

Current Album

Ganimea Zone, Electronica Music

If you are interested in album releases or questions about music by Markus Pitzer send a message!

The recording studio - a semi-professional home studio for in-house productions

I have been producing electronic instrumental music for over 30 years. My music is Royalty Free, and can be used as background music in movies, videos, websites, phone waiting music, podcasts, sales stands, PowerPoint presentations or as a soundtrack in computer games, film music and much more.

In recent years, I mainly composed calm, harmonic, slow instrumental music for in-house productions, as well as meditation music. It is music that can be used very well as background music for learning, at work, while studying or as sleep music, yoga and meditation music, wellness music or just to enjoy and relax.

My music on streaming platforms and music portals

YouTube Channel by Markus Pitzer

On YouTube you will find a lot of videos with background music composed by Markus the Dreamweaver. Visit my YouTube channel!

Dreamweaver's Chillout Mix 1 | 46 Minutes Electronic Music

This video offers 46 minutes of instrumental music to enjoy and relax. 12 songs that range from rhythmic electronica music to chillout. This music album features electronic instrumental music.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Mix 2 | 58 Minutes Chillout Lounge Music

This video offers 58 minutes instrumental music to enjoy and relax. 11 songs ranging from rhythmic electronica music to chillout and lounge. Most of the songs are on the "Best of Dreamweaver" album.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Mix 3 | 33 Minutes relaxation music

Peaceful sleep music for adults and children. Music to dream and relax. Pleasant relaxation music to fall asleep, relax and dream. Use my music for meditation, yoga, spa, massage or as background music for your projects.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Lounge Relaxing Music Mix 4

This music video gives you 45 minutes of instrumental music to chill out and relax. Instrumental music from chillout to ambient music.


I would appreciate it if you like my music and use it as background music in your projects, videos or websites, or just enjoy my instrumental music. Continue!