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Enjoy my instrumental music on streaming platforms such as Spotify, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, Tidal, Deezer ...

Music-Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music

Enjoy my music on the most important music streaming platforms!

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Ganimea Zone, Instrumental Electronica Music

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Music streaming describes the ability to access many millions of pieces of music at any time. Streaming music is popular. Since the beginning of 2019, I have been uploading songs that I've composed to the most important music streaming services. So you can stream my instrumental music, now.

Music streaming services

Click on a logo or the title and you will come directly to my music of the selected music streaming provider. In some providers, you will find under the artist name "Dreamweaver" other musicians who have chosen this name, too. That's why I use a unique design for my song covers. On the cover of my songs you will see my face!



Spotify has many advantages, is very popular and used worldwide. I have an own artist page on Spotify where you can find a good overview of my music. Follow my artist page and you will always be up to date. You can also create your own playlists with my music! The discovery of new artists is also enjoyable.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is similar to Spotify and is also one of the world's most popular music streaming services. The offer is comparable to the music streaming competition. An artist page with my music is also available here! Click here for the Top Dreamweaver songs list!

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music also offers an extensive music archive. If you search for my music on Amazon Music you will find several musicians with the same artist name "Dreamweaver". An artist site with only my music does not exist here. That's why the link leads you to my digital album "Electronic Chillout I". to the Dreamweaver album "Electronic Chillout I"!



Deezer is a music streaming service that was established in 2007 in France. In addition to music, users also have access to audiobooks, radio plays and podcasts. You will find after a search query with my artist name "Dreamweaver" several musicians who offer their songs. But on the artist page "Dreamweaver" you can find my music as well as other songs! Here's the top Dreamweaver songs list!



Tidal is a music streaming service that promotes, among other things, lossless data compression. An artist site with only my music does not exist here either. That's why the link leads you to my digital album "Electronic Chillout I". to the Dreamweaver album "Electronic Chillout I"!

YouTube Channel by Markus Pitzer

On YouTube you will find a lot of videos with background music that I have composed. Visit my YouTube Channel!

Meditation music for relaxation and to fall asleep

This video offers meditation music and nature pictures. Music for meditation, relaxation, falling asleep and slowing down. Relaxing music and sunsets of nature, oceans, sun, sea, sky, clouds ...

Instrumental meditation music and relaxation music

This video offers quiet relaxing music to dream, relax and fall asleep. Meditation music Harmony and inner peace. Calm music to relax.

Best of Dreamweaver - Chillout- & Instrumentalmusic

Chillout Lounge Mix of 18 instrumental songs of the multiple CD box "Best of Dreamweaver 1997 - 2013". This multi-CD box consists Dreamweaver's best instrumental tracks at this time.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Song "Path of Serenity"

Instrumental music for chilling and relaxing. Instrumental music from chillout to ambient music.


I would appreciate it if you like my music and use it as background music in your projects, videos or websites, or just enjoy my instrumental music. Continue!