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FAQ frequently asked Questions

Questions that are often asked me are listed here!

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Ganimea Zone, Instrumental Electronica Music

If you are interested in album releases or questions about music by Markus Pitzer send a message to markus@dreamweaver.at!


On this page, there are questions that are often asked. If you have more questions, contact me: Email info@dreamweaver.at.

FAQ (frequently asked Questions)

What does royalty free music mean?
Royalty Free Music is NOT free, it is "Free of Royalty"! Royalty Free Music is a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and with this payment the purchaser get the opportunity to use the music for as long as desired in projects, videos, movies. ...
Can I use a purchased song for multiple projects?
Yes! My licenses are related to the buyer. As long as it is a Buyer-In project, my music can be used in multiple projects without having to purchase another license.
When or how do I get the songs?
When ordering as a download, I send you after payment within 24 hours an email with the download links to the purchased songs. I use the filehosting service "wetransfer.com". The download links are valid for 7 days. You will receive the songs in high-quality MP3 format (320 kbps). When ordering as an audio CD, the CD will be sent by post to your specified delivery address after receipt of payment. Shipment time is within Austria about 2-3 days, within Europe about 3-8 days. If you live in another country send me an email before ordering!

Youtube channel by Markus Pitzer

On YouTube you will find a lot of videos with background music composed by Markus the Dreamweaver. Visit my YouTube channel!

Dreamweaver's Chillout Mix 1 | 46 Minutes Electronic Music

This video offers 46 minutes of instrumental music to enjoy and relax. 12 songs that range from rhythmic electronica music to chillout. This music album features electronic instrumental music.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Mix 2 | 58 Minutes Chillout Lounge Music

This video offers 58 minutes instrumental music to enjoy and relax. 11 songs ranging from rhythmic electronica music to chillout and lounge. Most of the songs are on the "Best of Dreamweaver" album.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Mix 3 | 33 Minutes relaxation music

Peaceful sleep music for adults and children. Music to dream and relax. Pleasant relaxation music to fall asleep, relax and dream. Use my music for meditation, yoga, spa, massage or as background music for your projects.

Dreamweaver's Chillout Lounge Relaxing Music Mix 4

This music video gives you 45 minutes of instrumental music to chill out and relax. Instrumental music from chillout to ambient music.


I would appreciate it if you like my music and use it as background music in your projects, videos or websites, or just enjoy my instrumental music. Continue!