Ganimea Zone

Chillout Songs, Lounge Music, Ambient and Electronica Tracks

Ganimea Zone - the 5th Studio Album by Markus Pitzer

Here, you will get everything in which discovers the typical Dreamweaver - relaxed but also ready for experiments.
Ganimea Zone, Electronica Music

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Ganimea Zone

Welcome to the Ganimea Zone! Where one world goes into the other and things change. You break up, the old remains behind you, new territory is emerging. Like the spaceship, which moves away from the earth, but the goal is still far. Like the moment between waking and sleeping that you can not hold on to. The moment when music is created from sounds. The moment when you abandon yourself to the rhythm and start to dance.

With "Ganimea Zone" I turn a bit on the pace screw and offer on the album in addition to chillout songs also slightly faster Electronica tracks. Here, the fan gets everything in which he discovers the typical Dreamweaver - but also happy to experiment with it.

My songs are mostly used as background music in various projects and videos. I would be glad if you liked my new songs and you use them in your projects and videos or just enjoy them.

The songs to this album


    Notes: To keep the loading time as low as possible, the instrumental songs that you can listen to on my web pages are shortened and downscaled with a bitrate of 96 kbps. If you buy the songs you will get the tracks of course, in full length and best quality. Downloads as MP3 with 44.1 khz / 320 kbps.

    Music & all rights of the songs: Markus Pitzer

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    YouTube Videos with music from the album

    On YouTube you can find a lot of videos with background music, that I have composed. Visit my YouTube Channel!

    Turn And Face The Strange

    Turn And Face The Strange is a song from my electronica album "Ganimea Zone". This music album features electronic instrumental music for videos on topics such as nature, travel, sports, action and more.

    Clearing Shadow

    The instrumental song "Clearing Shadow" is a spherical and simultaneously driving mid-tempo track, with an optimistic, powerful charisma. The title begins calm and continues to increase. Choir, Strings and Electronica synth sounds refine the instrumentation in a sophisticated way.

    Path of Serenity

    Peaceful sleep music for adults and children. Music to dream and relax. Pleasant relaxation music to fall asleep, relax and dream. Use my music for meditation, yoga, spa, massage or as background music for your projects.

    Kamar Taj

    The song "Kamar Taj" is a mid-tempo track, with an optimistic, powerful charisma. The title begins calm and continues to increase. Indian sounds and choirs give the track a mysterious touch.


    I would appreciate it if you like my music and use it as background music in your projects, videos or websites, or just enjoy my instrumental music. more music albums